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Delivery Policy - FAQs

Delivery Policy Statement

All orders are subject to product availability. If an item in your order is unavailable, we will contact you via email for substitution with an equal or greater value product/products, if you are happy with the alteration then we will process your order accordingly, or else we will ship/deliver you/your receiver, the part of your order that is available and when that item becomes available, we will ship/deliver you/your receiver, the rest of your order.

Shipping costs, if there are any, for your order are non-refundable and are based on the weight of the items you order and your location. The date of delivery for your order will be what you will select during online order placing, but sometimes it may vary due to carrier shipping practices, delivery location, method of delivery and the quantity of items ordered, and in addition your order may be delivered in separate shipments, in any of the situation we will keep you updated via an email notification.

Additional shipping/delivery charges may apply depending on gifts delivery location and the size of your order. You are responsible for all taxes applicable to the delivery of your order, including sales tax, general sales tax, custom duties and excise duties. If there is any damage to the items that you ordered on delivery, you must contact us immediately after receiving your order.

Frequently Asked Questions about Delivery Service:

Here are below some important questions and their answers with regards to our delivery services.

What are the exact delivery timings? can not confirm any specific time of the gift delivery before scheduling it. The exact time of conveyance changes and relies upon the calendar of our conveyance staff. Now and again, in any case, we can ensure morning or evening conveyance. You can counsel with our clients support team through email, online chat or telephone (SMS, Call or Whatsapp) to check this before putting in your request. If you don't mind take note of that all conveyances are made between 8:00am to 8:00pm Pakistan Standard Time. 

What are exemptions for selected date gifts delivery? 

In the event that we can't convey your thing on the chose date because of conditions inside our control, you are qualified for a full discount. In the event that, then again, we can't make a conveyance as booked because of conditions outside our control (the inaccessibility of your beneficiary or a wrong address, for instance), we don't issue a discount. On the off chance that a beneficiary is inaccessible when we endeavor conveyance, we will leave a note asking for a call to plan conveyance. On the off chance that suitable, we will likewise get in touch with you when conveyance issues emerge.

Where do you deliver gifts if beneficiary address is proved later on incorrect?

As expressed above, on the off chance that you have given us off base conveyance data, we can't offer ensured conveyance. You will be given the chance to modify the data up to two business days before the conveyance date. In the event that our conveyance faculty report that the conveyance address is off base, we will endeavor to reach you and obtain new data. We won't be obligated, be that as it may, on the off chance that we can't make a conveyance because of erroneous conveyance data, and we won't have the capacity to issue a discount.

Do you convey to Hotel, Hospital and Office addresses?

Yes, we do convey to all sorts of areas, it incorporates Hotel, Hospital and Office/Company addresses. In the event that your conveyance is going to such an area, please give the name and phone number of the healing facility, inn, or organization. On account of clinics, we likewise require the beneficiary's ward and room number.

Am I qualified for refund if Receiver declined to acknowledge the Gifts Delivery?

On the off chance that a beneficiary declines accepting gifts deliver, you won't be qualified for a refund.

What are the situations I can get refund?

Customers are entitled for partial or full refund in some cases, specific or similar but not limited to:

1. had sold out all the stock before you confirm your order (it happens very rarely), customer gets full refund.

2. The receiver address is not covered in the delivery coverage of, cutomer gets full refund.

3. The delivery team misses the itme or the item gets damage during transit, it happens very rarely, customer gets partial refund according to the loss.

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