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Valentine's Day Chocolates

Product Code: CHOC786
Send these classic chocolates to bring a warm smile on face of your loved ones. This can be a perfect gift for any one for any occasion who enjoy the tastier things in life. Order online now for delivering this product in Lahore..
Product Code: CHOC786
Do you want that special person to show how much you love and care? This beautifully gift packed chocolates is an ideal way to impress the most important person in your life. Order now to deliver to you dear ones in LahoreContains:12 Bars Kitkat Chunky ChocolatesPacked in gift box or basket...
Product Code: CHOC786
Bounty Chocolate bars is a nice gift for sending someone special for a special occasion celebration. Make a strong relation of love and care  with this delicious gift of chocolates.Contains:12 Bars Bounty Chocolates..
Product Code: CHOC786
Mars Chocolate Bars is a delicious gift to send someone for any upcoming occasion. Lahore Gifts brings 12 bars of mars chocolates beautifully packed in gift box or basket and wrapped to make the perfect presentation. This mouthwatering gift can melt the heart of your loved ones...
Product Code: CHOC786
Buy this exotic Twix chocolate gift for your loved ones in Lahore. Chocolates will be packed in gift box or a beautifully gift wrapped basket. Order from Lahore gifts to get the best quality chocolates at best price offer...
Product Code: CHOC786
Chocolates are good gift as it can cure and mend everything in this world. Sending gift is water to strong bond with your loved ones. Buy this mouthwatering caramel and praline chocolates by butlers for you sweet heart.Contains: 170gm Chocolate Caramel and Pralline..
Product Code: CHOC786888
Ferrero are the most loved chocolates by every age person. We have arranged it in a way that it become the best to give someone on birthday or Anniversary or to show your love on Valentine's Day..
Product Code: combo989
Experience chocolate heaven with our KitKat Carnival Basket featuring three KitKat bars, Mars, Snickers, Twix, and a Cadbury bar, paired with the luscious delight of our Three Milk Cake. Indulge in a symphony of textures and flavors in this sweet ensemble – a perfect treat for yourself or a ..
Product Code: LCHC786001
Red Heart Velvet Box of chocolates is a treat for your beloved on Valentine’s Day. Box Comes with ribbon tied and a complimentary greeting card.Contains:3 chocolate bon bon hearts, 3 classic chocolate hearts, 3 classic chocolates with wrapper & 5 chocolate bon bons.Coverage: Lahore..
Product Code: flower74548
Introducing our delightful 'Sweet Blooms & Cuddles Delight' bouquet – a perfect harmony of elegance and indulgence. This enchanting arrangement features two stems of vibrant gerberas, symbolizing joy and cheer, complemented by the delicate beauty of baby's breath. Nestled amidst the blooms, ..
Product Code: CHOC786
Send this awesome chocolates basket to one you adore. These are grand chocolates which are of the best taste, having amazing taste and suitable for any occasion. Chocolates are beautifully packed in basket to make the gift perfect. Basket and packing can vary as per availability.Contains:6 Pieces of..
Product Code: Choco987
Elevate celebrations in Lahore with our Chocoholic Medley Bouquet. This sweet symphony, featuring 2 M&M's pouches, 3 Snickers, 2 Twix, 3 Mars, and 2 Kit-Kat, is perfect for Valentine's, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day, and Eid. Enjoy swift delivery for memorable moments. Order now..
Product Code: CHOC786
This combo of two top brands is perfect gift teamed with delicious chocolates to celebrate the love and put across your message of heart. Send this lovable packed gift to express your sincere care.Contains:16 Pieces Ferrero Rocher Box2 Lindt Lindor Swiss Chocolate Bars 100gm eachPacked in ..
Product Code: COMB786024
Chocolate Basket with Best Mom Ever Mug is combination of small basket of ferrero rocher chocolates and personalise mug with message "Best Mom Ever Mug".Contains:16 Pieces Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.Best Mom Ever Personalised Mug.How to Personalise Mug in this Combination:You can provide your name to..
Product Code: CHOC786
Your loved ones will definitely love the splendid taste of these yummy chocolates. Delight the ones with these amazing and beautifully packed assorted bars of Toblerone chocolates.Contains:12 Bars of assorted Toblernone Chocolates 100gm Each..
Product Code: CHOC786
 Proving to be the best choice of you love ones these delicious chocolates are packed in gift box or a beautiful basket to deliver the sweetness and happiness to you special people. This gift would be a perfect good deal for any occasionContains:12 Toblerone Swiss Chocolate Bars..
Product Code: flower74543
Love's Harmony Box is a harmonious fusion of delectable Ferrero Rocher chocolates and the timeless beauty of roses, elegantly presented in a heart-shaped box that exudes romance and sophistication. This enchanting collection is meticulously crafted to create a sensory symphony, making it the perfect..
Product Code: CHOC786
chocolate tower box is an ideal gift for anyone, be it a man or woman, young or adult. Send this three boxed chocolaty gift for anyone in Lahore and make you loved one feel happy and love for you.Contains:Classic Brown Box filled with Classic Chocolates or Chocolate Bon bons (4pc)Classic Brown Box f..
Product Code: CHOC786
Chocolates are beautiful way to tender love to your special people in your life. Gift this basket of dairy milk chocolates and ferrero rochers and express you love.Contains:10 Bars of Dairy Milk Chocolates.16 Piece Ferrero Rochers Box.Packed in gift box or basket.   ..
Product Code: flower221
Savour the ideal fusion of sweetness and romance with our 'Crimson Bliss Delight Box.' adorned with an array of mouthwatering chocolates, such as Bounty, Snickers, Dairy Milk, Mars, KitKat, Twix, M&M, and Ferrero, and a symphony of red roses. Enhance your events with this magnificent set, design..
Product Code: Choco988
Midnight Elegance Delight is a sophisticated and enchanting collection that combines the timeless allure of a sleek heart-shaped box with the irresistible indulgence of 32 exquisite Ferrero Rocher chocolates nestled within. This meticulously curated assortment is designed to captivate the senses and..
Product Code: CHOC786
Prioritize yourself this Valentine’s with our ‘Sweet Treats Hamper’ because self-love is important! We can assure you would enjoy munching upon chunky chocolate bark, healthy and delicious chocolate coated almonds, Valentine's Chocolate bar, and cute butter cookies with your favorite beverage in hea..
Product Code: ChocoL1L3
Lals chocolaty hamper delivers a wonderful chocolaty experience and makes a perfect giftThis hamper contains:Classic brown box with chocolate bonbons (4pc)Chocolate Bark Pouch (150 grams)Chocolate Bar (85 grams)Checkerboard cookies (150 grams)Chocolate Almond Spread (100 grams)Complimentary Greeting..
Product Code: combo86
Indulge in opulence with our Luxury Blossoms and Sweets. A harmonious blend of vibrant blooms and gourmet chocolates, perfect for elevating special moments in Lahore. Swift delivery for Valentine's, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day, and Eid. Order now for a lavish touch of celebration!Contains..
Product Code: choco
Indulge in the warm, cozy hug of our Hot Chocolate love Hamper with your special someone this Valentine's Day. Perfect for the cold evenings or whenever you crave a cocoa pick-me-up. Who needs a fireplace when this hamper warms your soul and tickles your taste buds! This hamper contains: Hot..
Product Code: LCHC786002
Sending Leather Love hamper is just right way for expression of love. Basket filled with sweets like gourment chocolates, bon bons, chocolate bark, sugar cookies etc.Contains:Gold heart box (14 pcs) – 10 Bon bons & 4 heartsVenice box (4 pcs) – 2 classics & 2 heartsChocolate Bark pouch (150 g..
Product Code: COMB786555
Surprise your loved one in Lahore with our Ferrero Rochers and Flowers Basket. An ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more. Perfect for any occasion, send it from the UK, USA, or anywhere in the world to Lahore and make their day extra special.24 pieces ferrero rouchers.16 pieces ..
Brand: Tuplip Flowers Product Code: ChocoL1L2
One can never go wrong with the classic combination of red roses bouquet and a box of chocolates. Our red velvet heart box makes the pair look absolutely perfect for your Valentine! The velvet box contains: 3 chocolate bon bon hearts, 3 classic chocolate hearts, 3 classic chocolates with wrapp..
Product Code: flower74544
Unveil the epitome of love with our Heartfelt Romance Bouquet. This exquisite arrangement features 3 to 4 dozen radiant red roses, symbolizing passion and deep affection, delicately encircling a heart-shaped basket. Nestled within are 40 to 42 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, adding a touch of s..
Product Code: ChocoL1L1
The best way to celebrate love – gift this wicker basket filled with handmade treats to your family and make them feel they are loved. We curated this hamper with our best-selling products that are loved by everyone, hence there is something in it for the entire family to enjoy! If you’re far away f..
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If you want Valentine's Day chocolates delivered in Lahore, Pakistan, you've come to the perfect site. We provide Valentines Day Chocolates Delivery Lahore to make your Valentine's Day celebration more special and unforgettable. Our range includes imported chocolates, magnificent baskets, chocolate bouquets, genuine Belgian chocolates, thoughtfully designed chocolate gifts, delectable Lal's chocolates, and even personalised chocolates to add a personal touch to your gift.

Imported Chocolates: Explore our selection of high-quality Imported Chocolates Delivery in Lahore, which includes Dairy Milk, Kitkat, Snickers, Ferrero Rouchers, Personalised Chocolates, Lindt Lindor, Toblerone, Mars, Glaxy, Twirl, and many other brands that will surprise your loved ones so order now to Send Valentines Chocolates to Lahore. We provide a varied assortment to satisfy any taste, including well-known international brands as well as unique and exotic flavours.
Baskets and Bouquets: Impress with our elegantly prepared chocolate baskets and chocolates bouquet. These professionally crafted gifts are not only visually stunning, but also contain a variety of tasty chocolates that will satisfy any chocolate lover's demands.
Belgian Chocolates: Enjoy the rich and smooth taste of authentic Belgian chocolates. Our carefully picked selection of Belgian chocolates offers the best cocoa flavours to Lahore, resulting in a rich and unique present for that special someone.
Chocolate Hampers: Enjoy the rich and smooth taste of authentic Belgian chocolates delivery. Our carefully picked selection of Belgian chocolates offers the best cocoa flavours to Lahore, resulting in a rich and unique present for that special someone.
Lal's Chocolates: Order now from wonderful world of Lal's chocolates, which are renowned for their high quality and artistic presentation beautifully in leather boxes, baskets and gift packs. Choose from our Lals chocolates to give a touch of elegance to your Valentine's Day gift.
Personalized Chocolates: Personalised Valentine's Day Chocolates will make your present even more unique. To make a one-of-a-kind and treasured Valentine's Day gift, personalise it unique valentine's day designs with names, initials, or a special message.
To send Valentine's Day chocolates to Lahore, Pakistan, just explore our assortment, choose the ideal gift for your loved one, and enjoy a smooth delivery experience. Make this Valentine's Day special with our delicious chocolates, which reflect love and sweetness in every mouthful.
Order now and let your love be delivered in the form of irresistible chocolates!

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