It is fact that every gift receipient loves receiving unique gifts. In the same, every gift sender is searching unique gifts. But when the discussion is about birthday gifts then then the uniqueness becomes more critical thing in the whole sending birthday gift process. Here are below some unique birthday gifts in Lahore ideas and we believe that you will love most of them.

A Bouquet of Flowers

Most girls love flowers, it is a good idea to send a bouquet of beautiful flowers for the girl’s birthday, accompanied with a greeting card that includes distinctive phrases.

Coffee Set

If the girl is a coffee lover, an integrated coffee set can be served on her birthday, and this will make her enjoy every morning using the gift set for her.

Mobile Phone Cover

Buying a mobile phone is very expensive, so a reasonable amount can be purchased on a mobile phone with a drawing of a girl’s favorite character or favorite color.


A beautiful long, multi-layered, or short, simple necklace can be given to a girl on her birthday in a unique and unique way that makes her surprised.


If a girl loves to read books, it is a good idea to present a book to a writer whom she favors on her birthday. She will enjoy this gift and will make the book her companion at a time of relaxation.


Of the gifts that girls prefer, chocolate, you can buy the kind of chocolate you prefer and present it in a small basket for you to eat in her workplace.

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

A Pet

A cat, a small rabbit, or a puppy can be brought to the girl for her birthday, but first make sure that she will be able to take care of him and take responsibility for it the right way. If you are not sure about that then we recommend sending stuffed toys instead of gifting a pet.

Beauty Tools

All girls love to wear make-up and they always need more, and on the birthday of the girl can present a set of brushes, lipstick, eyelashes, eye shadow, or skin care creams.

Personal Items

There are many useful items and simple jewelry that can be given to a girl. You can buy a ceramic item bearing her picture, or small jewelry that has moral value.

Gift Basket

A beautiful basket can be prepared and lined with small hearts, and packed with several gifts such as chocolate, toiletries, bath salts, mini candy, flowers, soaps and scented candles.

Enjoy the gifting experience of unique birthday gifts in Pakistan. Now with the online birthday gift services wishing a birthday party is not any tough task. In case of any issue, do not hesitate to contact our professional customer support team.